The situation when almost no time is left until the draft submission deadline but there is nothing written yet is familiar to almost all students. You may have been partying a lot, got ill or simply forgot about the task – all in all, you have nothing prepared to impress your professor. We’ve all been there and now we are here to tell how to act if you are in a similar situation. Enjoy your reading and feel free to drop a line in the comments if you follow our advice.

An essay is a special kind of academic paper. Such work is characterized by increased complexity because of the required high-quality writing and a flight of author’s thoughts. 

Today, educational institutions create high demands for such texts. A small work the size of several printed sheets should accommodate the student’s personal opinion, brief conclusions, and other related nuances. Therefore, the process of creating an essay often causes a lot of difficulties for schoolchildren and students.

Practice shows that attempts to download text from the Internet, use thematic guides, or rephrase the work of a deskmate fail. In most cases, experienced teachers will instantly blame you for plagiarism.

Working with text requires:

  • special mood;
  • rich vocabulary;
  • deep knowledge of the material;
  • own opinion;
  • perfect knowledge of the design requirements.

Do not want to experience creative torment and pick up complex epithets without hoping for a high result? The solution is simple: turn to the professional essay writer. Experienced authors will create an exclusive literary masterpiece in a matter of days. For an adequate price and a small amount of time, you will get a unique text of any degree of complexity. The teachers will be delighted.

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An essay on order from professionals is an amazing combination of beautiful wording, competent presentation of thoughts, a detailed understanding of the subject and the logical form of presentation.

Ordering an essay means saving time. It’s pleasant to work with experts because you get:

  • quality texts;
  • high percentage of uniqueness;
  • the possibility of improvements taking into account comments of the professor;
  • flexible system of discounts;
  • additional verification of all work by quality control specialists (design, compliance with a given topic, etc.);
  • strict adherence to deadlines set by the customer;
  • reliability and complete confidentiality;
  • full support before paper defense;
  • return policy compliance;
  • strict privacy policy;
  • a personal manager who can answer all your questions at any time;
  • affordable price: the cost always matches quality;
  • high speed;
  • authors carry out the work in the shortest possible time (if it is necessary to do voluminous work as soon as possible, the company entrust it to several authors who work together).

Don’t panic and consider legal essay writing service

First of all, try to calm down and think with a cold head about the ways out of your trouble. There are two things you can do. First, sit and try to write your essay in a hurry and second, make use of writing services online. 

As you probably do not have much time for outlining, drafting and proofreading your essay, the best solution would be to do some research and find good essay writing service that provides drafts of essays or research papers in short terms. While surfing the websites of such companies, pay attention to whether the company is registered in the US and whether its help is considered legal. 

Read the terms of use

When you made up your mind regarding which academic essay writing service to use, find the terms and conditions tab and read at least the section about payment. We understand that you are out of time already, but if you ignore this issue, you may end up giving your money to scammers. Check whether they use secure payment methods and how they resolve payment issues in case of any problems with your transaction. You wouldn’t like to risk your money, right?

Make sure the guarantee of money return is available

One more tip worth keeping in mind is understanding whether there is a money-back  guarantee provided by the company. If you decided to choose the cheapest essay writing service, beware of low quality and possible rejection to give your money back. 

Often money-back features are stated on the homepage of the website. If it’s not there, check the FAQs section and terms of use. If you have not found any sign of such a possibility, leave the website and try another one. The fact that you look for last-minute writing service shouldn’t inspire you to trust unreliable companies. 

Check an anti-plagiarism policy

While looking for the proper university essay writing service, be sure to find information on how the company deals with the plagiarism issue. Colleges and universities punish severely if a case of plagiarism took place, therefore you have to search the entire website of the company on this issue (just type in the search field “plagiarism policy” and that’s it).\

To avoid being caught on the doubt whether your paper is unique, remember to follow the formatting guidance strictly. Put the citation in every case of writing the thought that is not yours. Don’t hope your professor will not notice if you used someone else’s ideas word-by-word without stating the author: anti-plagiarism software is widely used in colleges across the nation. However, if you use American essay writing service, the writers are usually informed about strict anti-plagiarism policies of the colleges and follow them properly. 

When you receive your paper or an essay, do not rush to submit it to your professor. Instead, check it online with free plagiarism tools (they can easily be found in Google). In case any uncited text is detected, you can contact the Support Team of the essay service online and ask for a revision of the work or money return. 

Order a draft on a quick essay writing service

Once you finally considered a certain company from all affordable essay writing services, it’s time to make an order. Usually, to do that you need to register first. Create a simple login and password that you will not forget easily. Confirm your registration and sign in. After that, place an order. To get the writer quickly, choose the closest possible deadline for the work. Next, put attention to filling out the fields of your order. The topic of an essay should be exactly the same as the one you were given in the classroom. Then list or upload a file with all instructions to your essay or a research paper. Do not think you can omit any of them or hope for the writer to guess what you need exactly. When it’s done, make a payment. 

When a writer takes your assignment you will get a notification. Usually, last-minute essay writing services allow a customer to chat with a writer during the time the latter is working on the paper. You can send them details or your wishes regarding your essay and answer their questions online. When the work is ready, another notification will be sent to your email. 

Check the work you received carefully even if you have little time left. If you find that any of the instructions were missing or there is a deviation from the main idea in the text, you can ask for the revision. Some last-minute essay writing services even provide it for free.

All in all, it’s better to follow your workload and do every piece of writing on your own. But if you are out of time but able to use the work provided by such a service wisely and check it before submitting it to your college, it can bring you a good grade.