Aspects to pay attention to while writing “What does music mean to me” essay

  1. Jargon usage

When you write an essay or a paper about music or related topics, think of the person who is going to read it. Thus you will understand whether usage of professional music jargon is reasonable. For instance, if your task is “What is music” essay for your Philosophy class, using the specific terms will not make you sound more professional; instead, you will look arrogant. 

  1. Using the first person

Generally, usage of the “I” in the essays is not allowed or encouraged. However, there are cases when you can do it. If it’s “Importance of music in your life” essay, your experience is important and adding personal thoughts is justified. But if you work on “Is a music good tool for health” essay, then you should do more research on linking between music and health state and avoid using the first person in your writing. 

  1. Misuse of terms

Another popular issue in students’ essays about music is the improper use of music terms. The advice we give you regarding this thing is simple: if you doubt the meaning of the word you would like to use, check it twice before mentioning it in your essay. If you know the term, check it once before you write it. 

  1. Usage of real names and pseudonyms

Students are often in doubt which name to use when they write about the artists in their essays. It depends on how you write about them. If you add their lyrics then it’s alright to reference their pseudonyms along with the names of the albums. But if you are writing about the article where the real name of the artist is stated, you should write the same way.

Tips on writing a descriptive essay about music 

  1. Make sure you have understood the topic and researched it 

To write an “A”-level essay, at first you have to spend some time understanding and researching the essence of the topic you were given. Do not rush to write just to finish it as quickly as possible. For example, if you write “History of music” essay, there is no way to produce a good piece of writing without taking the time to define the aspect of music history you are about to reveal and collect necessary sources for it. In case you were assigned to write “What does music mean to you” essay, you do not have to conduct extensive research since the topic targets your personal view and a few examples to add would be enough. 

  1. Write an outline

When you made the topic clear to yourself, move on to outlining the main points of your writing. If you write a short essay on music, your outline should not consist of many stages but still, it needs to be specific. Do not forget about the aim of your essay: if it is descriptive, there is no point to compare and contrast the things you describe. 

  1. Describe the sound right

When writing an essay on music, try to use common and specific ways of describing  the sound that are appropriate for your discipline. Keep in mind that your definition of the sound should not contain your judgement. First, you should give the reader an understanding of what it is like and only then give your impressions and thoughts about it. 

  1. Add lyrics to your writing

If you were assigned to essays about songs, it is reasonable to add lyrics to your text. keep in mind that you should not paste the whole lyrics to an essay. Use only those lines to which you refer in your writing as a quotation and format it in the style that is given in the essay instructions. 

  1. Remember to cite your essay right

All types of material you use while writing an essay about the importance of music in life require proper formatting. Your professor does not aim to make you suffer while following the guidelines of MLA or APA style. They just need to see the proper references in your writing to keep track of the information you present to be able to find and check it.