Writing college essay about music may be a hard task, especially if you do it for the first time, but you should not think it is impossible to get an ‘A’ for such an assignment. With our advice on the issue, your writing will be done quicker than you thought, so don’t hesitate to start reading our guide.

Secrets about revealing music essay topics 

  1. Feel it

The purpose of the music is to inspire, cure, and change the listener’s inner state. It is the language that is understood across the globe with no words, it can unite people with all backgrounds and from different nations. So before you start even outlining your music essay, listen to it. Let it substitute all your thoughts with the sound. 

Try to think about what  the composer was thinking when they created it. What was their striving? Whether they wanted to share their pain, cure yours or bring you confidence with their composition. Maybe you will need to listen to it a few times before you see what the author wanted to tell you. 

  1. Understand the required instructions

Once the music chosen for your essay evoked certain thoughts and emotions inside you, you should review the instructions of your task. Read them carefully and think about the way you will approach the musical composition so that it will be incorporated into your writing about music organically. Every music masterpiece has its story as well as every piece of writing has a message to tell, therefore you should be able to understand them both and analyze


  1. Discuss the composition

When you have analyzed a piece of music or a song you are going to write about, it’s time to describe it in your essay. Extracting only one aspect of the music composition and leaving aside others is not the right approach if you want to write an “A”-level essay. Instead, you have to pay attention to every part of the music composition: what instruments engaged in it, a character of the sound, word choice in lyrics if it is a song, etc. Keep in mind this tip if you write the “Importance of music” essay.

  1. Reveal the concern of your topic

Your essay about music should not only describe the compositions but also solve the problem that relates to the topic of your assignment. Music, as well as ,is produced to resolve certain issues and achieve certain goals, therefore one part of the essay should be dedicated to demonstrating the way it is done. Remember to state the concern in music essay introduction to give a reader an understanding of the goal of your writing. 

  1. Approach the writing with logic

To receive a high grade for your work, keep in mind that the topic should be revealed gradually in your draft. When the ideas and thoughts are developed step-by-step, a reader gets a clear understanding of what you wanted to say and sees that you’ve carried out a lot of work before writing it down.  For instance, if you write the “Power of music” essay, you can give three-four thoughts that state how powerful certain pieces of music are, add examples and show the connection between them. Thus a reader will see the research behind your writing and an effort you put into combining it. 

Tips on writing an essay about music in my life

  1. Know your background

Everyone has their story, that’s why you should not worry about what to write about music in connection to your life. In college, essays about music are proposed to a lot of students and often they are not even musicians. So, to produce a good piece of writing about your life and the role of music in it, you have to know what differs you from others, what events in your life were accompanied by music and what role it plays for you. 

  1. Think of structure and create an outline

When you have chosen a few examples from your life that you would write about and connect to the role of music, you need to outline your essay. Remember about the logical revealing of the topic when dividing information into paragraphs. Let the introduction open your story organically and naturally  wrap it up in conclusion. It is better to write these parts when the body of your essay is finished.

  1. Begin writing!

Make sure the style you write about life as well as about music is the same. You should not use a lot of specific terms in your essay if you are not a musician as you may make a mistake in regards to their meaning. If you decide to use some of them, it will be nice to check them with the dictionary before finalizing your work. 

Some scholars say that listening to classical compositions influences the study abilities of students, so if you are bored with your essay writing, music of Mozart may help. Why not try?